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What is ECO4?

What is ECO4

ECO4 is a government program in Great Britain focused on making homes more energy-efficient, reducing fuel poverty, and cutting carbon emissions. It’s not a grant scheme; instead, energy companies are required to carry out energy-saving improvements in households.

Key points about ECO4: Start and End Dates: ECO4 began on April 1, 2022, and will continue until March 31, 2026.

 Targeted Homes: ECO4 primarily targets the least energy-efficient homes and households facing fuel poverty. Only homes in energy efficiency bands D to G can receive improvements. Whole-House Approach: It emphasizes comprehensive upgrades for homes, aiming to address multiple energy-saving measures in a single project. 

 Minimum Requirement: A new requirement is introduced to raise the energy efficiency rating of homes in bands D and E to at least band C, and homes in bands F and G to at least band D. 

 In summary, ECO4 is a long-term initiative aimed at making homes more energy-efficient, especially in households struggling with fuel costs, by encouraging energy companies to invest in a range of improvements.


Included Improvements:

Insulation (cavity wall, loft, internal, external)

New Energy Efficient Boiler

Solar PV

Air Source Heat Pump

Other efficiencies depending on property

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