The Plan Bee Project: Innovative bee monitoring

plan bee project


The Plan Bee Project

Thermatic Homes has developed an innovative ThermoHive using IoT sensors to monitor the health & wellbeing of honeybees, supporting accredited and educational bodies in the fight to save the honeybees.

Developing A ThermoHive

A ThermoHive is a demonstration of how we can use IoT (Internet Of Things) innovations to deliver solution focused and forward thinking to supporting the fight to save the bee population with the UK.

Using our knowledge of renewable technologies, we built a Beehive and installed IoT sensors that would monitor temperature and humidity within the hive. With the knowledge that honeybees are very sensitive to temperature and humidity changes, we were able to fully automate the data and understand the health and wellbeing of the hive by setting temperature parameters that could alert us to any abnormal drop or increase without the need to disturb the hive.

Honey Sampling & Monitoring

Our research showed that, among factors such as pathogens and pesticides, the wellbeing of the hive will determine the quality of honey produced from them. Together with the National Honey Monitoring Scheme, we can sample the honey from the hive, once produced, to be sent for testing which can identify valuable geographical information on the state of the landscape in which the bees forage.

Supporting the Community

The Plan Bee Project drives local interest which strengthens links with the local communities and encourages interest in environmental education. By using IOT and data, we can accurately monitor the health and wellbeing of bees within the hive, we can educate the next generation on how we can save the bees with renewable technology through our on-site Academy and virtual Academy.

About Thermatic Homes

Thermatic Homes are a national M&E contractor based in Greater Manchester that provides a one-stop solution for housing associations, from mechanical and electrical services, to build and renewable energy installations and training.

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